Real PVA explained:

Real PVA (phone verified accounts)  these are accounts that are phone verified and pre set up on Craigslist for you to post your business or personal advertisements.  Why would you need to purchase a PVA ? good question for one, but im sure if you have posted to Craigslist in the past you will find quickly that they require you to phone verify you account to post an ad and they will limit your postings and even delete them if their computer system doesn’t like something.  However we painstakingly set up each account by hand and with real phone numbers to create a solid base for you begin an advertisement campaign.  One last note is that Craigslist will not allow you to use your phone number more than once in a 90 day period and they do not accept VoiP numbers like magicjack nor do they accept DID, Google numbers, iphone app numbers, or any number created and used through the internet.  Yes it is a difficult task but we make it very easy and affordable.


Real PVA

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