In all the years we have been posting on Craigslist we have found that if you use html in the body of your ad you are less likely to be removed by the auto bots. Craigslist is ran by about 25 people and they couldnt possibly be after you deleting your ads so they have bots that cruise around looking for issues to remove the ad.  If you are a realestate agent or car sales person or a landlord then you know what im talking about. The solution is to create an image that people will click on and then be directed automatically to your website or anywhere you want the to end up.  


This is very simple but it does take a little bit of skill.  If you get lost you can call godaddy or who ever your hosting is with and ask them to help.



1. Find a picture and open it with window paint or any program to edit the picture and put the words “CLICK

    HERE”  at the very top left.  Then do whatever editing you would like.


2. If you havent downloaded an FTP then google filezilla and download it.  Once you have downloaded it then

    you are going to need some info about your website so that you can connect your desktop to the guts of

    your website.  You can call godaddy and they will help you.


3.  Open filezilla and enter your information at the top.  The program will run and when it stops the right side

     of the screen will be your website and the left side is your desktop. 


4.  On the right side under “file name” scroll down and look for the folder “images” then double click to open.


5. On the bottom left screen go to where you saved the picture you are going to use and double click it.   

     This will automatically drop and upload it to this folder of your website.


6.  Hard part is Over.   Now go to Craigslist and open your account up or buy some new account here  and

     if you need another phone number go here.


7.  Start a new ad and type in your title.  If you want to add some symbols or pictures in the title

     click here  for the codes.


8.  copy and paste this link into the body of your craigslist ad or you can even put it into your facebook and

     edit it so that it is your website name and the name of the picture you created.



<BR><BR><a href=”http://www.YOUR” rel=”nofollow”><img src=”http://www.YOUR OF PICTURE.jpg”></a>




10.  Click continue and BOOM YOUR DONE !!!!!!!!!!!



Good luck happy posting….